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I must admit I half expected Tricky the Clown on that tape

Foxcato responds:

That would have been pretty funny actually :-)

SBC <3

Foxcato responds:

SBC indeed.

Brilliant. That's the kind of stuff I keep coming back to Newgrounds for. There's just so much crazy goodness in it! Especially the pancake turtles <3

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Great game, I love the concept and especially the atmosphere!

This game masterfully threads the needle between being fun and frustrating. Funstrating? Either way, excellent job.

Happy Pico Day <3

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I'm a sucker for chiptunes to begin with, but I really love the groove on that one. Also an surprising amount of depth for a chiptune song with all the layering of the different instruments and sound effects. Nicely done!

Manderby responds:

Thanks a lot for these kind words!

Even for ambient this is very... ambient

It's more of a soundscape, really. (then again, we're talking about ambient, right?) Anyways. I really like the feel and underlying texture of it. I think it would make great ambience for something like an art installation.

Fubaka responds:

There is an underlying melody to this song if you listen closely enough.
However, I didn't really expect people to pick up on it immediately.
I ALSO didn't expect this song to remain at a perfect 5 for as long as it did!

Thank you for your review. You should check out some of my other stuff if you are looking for a more solid song.

Hey, great track!

This is one seriously awesome battle soundtrack. I need an alternate soundtrack for my flash movie "War" as i want to enter it to an official short film contest. And since this track seems to fit almost as perfect as the original soundtrack I'm going to use it. The alternate version of my movie wont appear on NG but you're sure to get credit of course ;)

Feel free to mail me at mindistortion@lycos.co.uk if you got any questions or objections.

And keep up the good work!

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Derpy spooky is best spooky. Happy Halloween!

Foxcato responds:

Thanks man. Happy Halloween to you as well!

I really love the shading and colors on that one. Pew Pew!

Foxcato responds:

Thank you :-)

I did wonder what became of him. Looks like he's doing well for himself, good for him!

I can do anything I want. And so can you.

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