I'm back!

2016-05-23 18:46:38 by HeRetiK

Well, kinda, sorta, possibly maybe. Let's put it like this - I redesigned MINDistortion.tv using rocket science and fairy dust instead of flash (yay!) but will still need a while until I can share something new (boo!). The good news is, there's something in the works (yay!), but, you know, sleep and work kinda get into the way (boo?). Anyways. Come and visit!

<3 https://www.mindistortion.tv <3



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2016-05-23 20:25:59

Welcome back


2016-05-24 05:15:43

I aylways loved the design of your old website with the mindistortion guy hanging from the top. The new one seems more practical, but yeah, flash websites are probably better off dead.

Anyways, welcome back you insane creep :§

HeRetiK responds:

I so very much wanted integrate the old mindistortion guy into the design but first I couldn't fit him in and then I got lazy :X I totally loved murder btw. And your game of the same name is also nice :)


2016-05-24 06:57:46

Oh man, I completely missed that you'd released infect. evolve. repeat. 2 way back when. I have to pretend it's not there for the rest of the day, otherwise that's my day of work ruined. That seems like a perfect game series to port to html 5 / mobile btw... you should do that!

Site's looking nifty!

HeRetiK responds:

Thanks :) Yeah, my next project will definitely be a html5 release, though I tend more towards something slightly different :)


2016-06-03 08:01:42

your new design looks okay but i missed the old designed it flash website and it has a loop soundtruck so anyway welcome back man.


2016-07-19 11:52:28

Hell yes! MindDistortion forever!


2016-12-31 00:37:15

Holy fuck, thank you; please save us from this dickless era of faggotry.

And welcome back; you've been the biggest inspiration for me artistically, thank you for your efforts over the years.