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New Game: Bubbles 2

Posted by HeRetiK - October 8th, 2007

About 3 years ago I made a simple game about living the innocent life of a Bubble.

Now it's sequel time and here it is: Bubbles 2
With twice as many power-ups as the original game and a physics based 2 Player modus. For players on MINDistortion.tv there's also the SugarRush mode available which will give you a power-up overload :)

On a further note, one kid once left a review for Bubbles complaining about the Bubble not even being able to shoot and stuff. Guess what. There's a new power-up to take care of these needs as well. See? I care about your reviews ;)

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frosted butts

Oh teh awesumnez:)
Congrats on frontpage and daily 1st, dude:D

thanks, buddy :)

"I care about your reviews ;)"
ha ! that's encouraging. so i've written a comment =) beware of the mistake i've postscriptum-..thingied, and congrats for the awards. you deserved them ^_^

You misunderstand.

The game is pointless because at a certain point, the game becomes impossible (pay attention now, cause this is the important bit) REGARDLESS OF YOUR LEVEL OF SKILL. No matter how good you are at the game, you still can't play it past a certain point. That SUCKS, because it IS a very addictive game and one WANTS to continue playing it. One wants to actually "beat" it, whether that's the point or not. A player requires CLOSURE, if i may use a buzzword, and a game as GOOD as this one is does itself a disservice by simply petering out at the end. This was my point. Now, upon further contemplation, I imagine it was your INTENTION to leave the game at a "cliffhanger" as it were, to further the players frustration and thus increase the addictiveness of the game. Am I correct?

Players may strive for closure, but this doesn't make it a necessity for games. Unless you force it into some sort of campaign endless games (like bubbles is) don't really reach a point of closure. You either reach a point where the game becomes impossibly difficult or a point where it falls into a state of limbo where the game difficulty starts to stagnate and the challenge decreases. The inevitable growth of the Bubble serves as a mechanic to lead the game to an end. And since the idea behind Bubbles is that of a short, casual game the end has to be reached before the player gets bored with it and quits the game by him or herself.
Also, please note that Bubbles is NOT a skill game. Luck is a very strong factor, and although skill will help you to get big, it's still Fortuna that gets the last words. Like in real life :)

Yeah. You're right.

Wow. I took this game WAAAY too seriously.

I gotta stop drinking.

...anyway, well done man. You knows yourself some flash!

It*s been nice to discuss with you.