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Flash preservation efforts

Posted by HeRetiK - December 2nd, 2020

So now that the Death of Flash is officially, finally, for real, absolutely, happening, I managed to convert all of my movies to video. For now they are only updated on MINDistortion.tv, eventually I'll update them here on Newgrounds as well.

While converting my animation swfs I was pondering what to do with my old games and to my great surprise browser-based Flash projects have made amazing progress! And even better, one of these projects is supported by Newgrounds! I'm in awe and I can't believe I wasn't aware of this until now.

Either way, I'll be gradually testing and enabling the Ruffle emulator on my old Flash games. I just did it for Zombie Squirrel Attack, for example.

I honestly considered all the old Flash content gone for good, or rather banned from the browser and doomed to a fringe existence as downloadable executables. But this, this does put a smile on my face.



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Glad to see you still popping in here!

Good to see you as well! :)

Was just about to say the Death of Flash is absolutely NOT happening anymore now that we have Ruffle. ;) Cool you discovered it too though! It's not perfect yet but hopefully with time. Internet Archive's implementing already! Free to use for any site out there. Hopefully we're taking over the Internet; this great potential niche that Adobe unfortunately decided to abandon...

Ruffle may not be perfect, but it works much better than I expected, especially for a relatively young project. I kinda lost hope when Shumway got axed ages ago, yet here we are!

Yeaah I completely forgot about Shumway! Wonder if Ruffle had any roots in that; fetched some inspiration thereof... fingers crossed then, maybe there are certain technical roadblocks yet ahead that may be difficult to traverse with this! Though right now I must say it's looking pretty bright and hopeful.

Noticed you're also on: https://bluemaxima.org/flashpoint/

Also a crazy ambitious project. In a way feels like Flash is more alive than ever now that it's dying.

Hi Manuel. Your 'War' animation came out when I was a child, when I was first getting into computer stuff and spending most of my time on sites like this. It always stuck with me and it convinced me to try out my own flash animations and some other stuff. I got nowhere with flash, but this was one of the many things that eventually got me into creating art and also programming in general, which is now an all-consuming hobby and a big part of my career.

I never followed flash animation creators much but the 'War' animation really struck a chord with me, and every so often I'd remember it and come here to see it (and then spend some time listening to KO). Right now with the death of flash I came here panicking that it was perhaps forgotten and gone forever like so many creations, but it's still here and it's here for good.

Anyway, I guess I just created an account to say thanks for thinking about your old creations as much as I did.

Thank you for sharing :) I'm glad to hear that my work inspired you as I got inspired by others!

Hell yeah Manuel, I'm super hyped that you've preserved your awesome work. I always loved the way you used Flash, Dependency was so advanced to its time when you released it... Fun times at your forum too, hope to see more work from you! I recently uploaded a little music video I´ve made for MF Grimm, I hope you like it!