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Lifeblood Colors

Posted by HeRetiK - March 30th, 2008

Alrighty, instead of just copypasting the authors comments: after months of lazyness I've finally managed to make a new Flash. In my case this lazyness is a case of burn-out as far as Flash-work is concerned. I guess I've slightly recovered as far as creativity goes, but this new movie of mine describes the situation I've been in lately fairly well. And as it seems, it sounds familiar to other people that create stuff as well - may it be drawings, music or whatever.

Either way, I hope you'll enjoy this little something.


Lifeblood Colors

Comments (10)

Do you really have to make epilepsy movies only from now on? :/

wasn't my intention, sorry.


sounds like youve got the art blues everybody can relate to but good to see you are creating stuff again. nur weiter so

Hey, what's going on? You didn't mention Mario once in this? I want my money back.

what the...?

just perfect :)

it was nice, though you ruined it by explaining the symbolism at the end :)

yeah i know that the explanation at the end was rather over the top. but in this case, i didn't feel like releasing something that people would have to interpret for themselves, but i rather simply wanted to spread a distinct message.

That was pure genius.

I don't see why people are complaining about the epilepsy. I felt it helped a lot with the style. Usually when you see flashing colors, it's in a crappy "crew" flash.

That was different. It had meaning.
I think people are rating it low because they're whining about emo-ness or something. It's unfortunate that many people can't appreciate an intelligent, meaningful flash.

Thank you.

you can't imagine how much i long for the pre-emo time, where someone was able to make a serious short without getting the label "emo" slapped on it. however, luckily, only few people have done this yet.

as you may realize i didn't wanted to have flashing colors for the sake of flashing colors, but rather to show... you know... diversity, life, creativity, inspiration - by using a "color" that doesn't exist and is many colors at once.

I think this is a great movie. Maybe not from the animation itself but from the subject. I think all artist which see this movie will love it because every serious artist lay worth on his work.

Love this job, so good idea, and all this text is true, ahh so great.
This job maybe don`t have good graphics, but it don`t need them, couse you made it fromyour heart and it make this job perfect. i add it to fvorites :)

Great job on this piece, mate. This is truly a film that I can relate to as I know that burned out feeling damn well.
Here's hoping that it will lift eventually:)

everything will be alright...