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Comments (14)

Looks colorful. :P

yes. yes indeed.

Wow.. I think I died watching that movie - Good job :)

success! :D

Like much of your work it was delightfully triptastic, and like almost all of your work I instantly fell in love with it! the animation was completely fluid and as usual the music was so perfect that I'm going to have to download the song as soon as I finish this and watch the movie three or four more times. I'd tell you to keep it up but you so consistantly churn out amazing material that such words are completely unneeded!

your kind words make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

my new favorite thing by you. onto my favorites list it goez

aww <3

Wow.. why didn't I notice this earlier?
Anyway I really enjoyed the colourful trippyness of this:)
It's fun to see some more experimental stuff by you lately^_^

haha.. thanks! :)

And.... since you're done with that, do you think there'll ever be a Red Line two since it's been almost a year since you submitted it to the portal :D.

Pwez seh yez.

lol... I didn't know that people still care about it :D

Love all your work man, I'm a big fan, Thnaks for sharing it with us, Keep them coming eh, Cheers! :]

thanks for stopping by :)

months later: FRONTPAGE :U

a colorful blast from the past ;D

Mind blowingly, fantasticly bizzare, with a healthy dose of WTF. I guess congratulations are in order!

Wow, this movie finally made it to the frontpage.
I already saw this movie like 4 moths ago and even my review is still there.
Good job :D

haha... yeah, you were ahead of the times ;)

Well thanks for deliberately and completely ignoring my above comment. Am I being snubbed for a particular reason, or did the front page make your ego so inflated that a lowly user (without any awards, unlike a certain user which I won't &lt;cough&gt; ZekeySpaceyLizard &lt;cough&gt; name) such as myself is not worthy of giving out praise to such a wonderful, bizarre and down-right clever movie that you've made?

Oh woe is me, &lt;proceeds to rant on for about 15 min.&gt;.



Sorry, it wasn't my intention to leave your above post as the only one without a respond on this page ;)

a very good animation.'course i expected as much ^_^.
on question though, what the hell gave you inspiration for this movie?

just the track itself, nothing else ;)

I havent been on your site in ages. I fact i forgot all about your flashes :( Glad to see your still making them. Will you ever try anything like Dependency again?

how could you forget :'-(
i don't have any plans on making something like dependency again, but if my mind comes across an idea for which this style seems fitting i'll probably will.

you ever gonna use the &quot;stage.Showmenu = false&quot; code i gave you ages ago lol ^_^
anyways, do you have any plans to work on a new kkm?...
i want to see your stick figure maniac in action once more =]

you know, i actually realized later on that i used this code before, but only forgot about it. and actually, it seems like i keep forgetting -_-
i have a kkm-related idea in mind, but i'm not sure whether i'll resurrect this maniac again... we'll see.